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Alan Rabinowitz

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Alan Rabinowitz

Scientist and conservationist Dr. Alan Rabinowitz. He’s been called the “Indiana Jones” of wildlife science. He is Director of the Science and Exploration Program at the Wildlife Conservation Society, based at the Bronx Zoo in New York. In 1985 his research in Belize resulted in the world’s first jaguar sanctuary. Since then he has spearheaded the preservation of vast tracts of wilderness land around the globe. The survival of the Jaguar is now in jeopardy.


Saving Endangered Wild Cats.

Zoologist Alan Rabinowitz. He spends his time tracking and trying to protect endangered large cats in Central America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. He's written two books about his adventures, "Jaguar" and his latest, "Chasing the Dragon's Tail." (Both are published by Doubleday.)


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