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New Recordings of Gershwin Musicals.

Classical Music Critic Lloyd Schwartz reviews two recordings of the Gershwin musicals "Of Thee I Sing" and "Let 'Em Eat Cake." They were both conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas earlier this year on the fiftieth anniversary of the composer's death.


Judith Malina and the Radical Living Theatre.

Actor and director Judith Malina. She and Julian Beck founded "The Living Theatre" in the 1940s. It became the most revolutionary theater group, performing in the nude, confronting the audience, and breaking down theater's fourth wall.


Dance and Art with Alwin Nikolais.

Choreographer Alwin Nikolais. For over forty years he has been considered a revolutionary figure in modern dance. His choreographic vision included the use of visual arts and electronic music long before it became popular.


"Strange Interlude" Falls Flat.

Television Critic David Bianculli reviews "Strange Interlude," the first offering of American Playhouse's seventh season. The play was written by Eugene O'Neill. This production stars Glenda Jackson, David Dukes and Ken Howard.


Playing a Conman.

Stage and screen actor Joe Mantegna. He can be seen now in "House of Games," the first film effort by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Mamet, with whom Mantegna has had a long association. His stage work includes the lead role in "Glengarry, Glen Ross," the Mamet play that won the 1984 Pulitzer Prize; Mantegna won a Tony Award for his performance. Mantegna revels in shady characters: gamblers, cutthroat salesman, mobsters and Hollywood hucksters.


Sound Designer Martin Levan.

Sound designer Martin Levan. He was responsible for the sound of Andrew Lloyd Weber musicals "Song and Dance," "Starlight Express" and now "Phantom of the Opera."


Spalding Gray's L. A. Adventures.

Autobiographical monologist Spalding Gray. Gray is best known for his monologue "Swimming to Cambodia," about his experiences during the filming of the movie "The Killing Fields." "Swimming to Cambodia" was produced as a film last year, and Gray appeared in the David Byrne film "True Stories," as well as a recent installment of the PBS comedy series "Trying Times." Gray is wrapping up a 10-month residency at the Mark Tapper Forum in Los Angeles where he worked on several new monologues.


Recording Broadway.

Record producer Thomas Z. Shepard, one of the most imaginative and successful producers of Broadway and classical recordings. Shepard has produced the cast recordings for "Sweeney Todd," "Ain't Misbehavin'," "La Cage Aux Folles," and "Me and My Girl," which has just been nominated for a Grammy.


An Englishman Who Loves American Music.

Ian Whitcomb, an Englishman in love with American music. Since first coming to the United States in the early 60s, he has devoted his career to promoting and keeping alive the tradition of American popular song, particularly those from the Tin Pan Alley era.. His new book, Irving Berlin and Ragtime America, salutes the music of Irving Berlin, who will celebrate his 100th birthday this year.


Choreographer and Dancer Bebe Miller.

New York based post-modern dancer and choreographer Bebe Miller. Her choreography stands out for its energetic, aggressive physicality and for its themes of family and relationships. Miller is the winner of the prestigious "Bessie" New York Dance and Performance Award. In 1984, Miller formed her own company, Bebe Miller and Company.


Dance, Art, and Celebration.

Festival planner Marilyn Wood. Using dance, film, sound and light, Wood designs celebrations of the urban environment. She organized celebrations and festivals like the first Riverfront Celebration in Columbus, Ohio, The Hong Kong Arts festival, and the opening of the Tehran Museum of Art. Wood used to be a dancer with the Merce Cunningham dance company. (Interview by Faith Middleton)


Is Sondheim Getting Predictable?

Classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz reviews the cast recording of "Into the Woods," the latest Stephen Sondheim musical. Sondheim is the composer of "Sweeney Todd," "Pacific Overtures" and "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.


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