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The Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait: A Year Later.

We look back on the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait one year later:
1) CNN producer Robert Wiener (wee-ner). Wiener was executive producer in Baghdad for 5 months leading up to and including the beginning of the war. His book, Live From Baghdad, tells how Wiener worked with Iraqi officials to cover the war from inside.
2) We speak with Aziz Abu Hamad, senior researcher on Kuwait for Middle East Watch about the current state of human rights in Kuwait..


Post-War Violence in Kuwait

We examine the state of human rights in post-war Kuwait with Ken Roth, the deputy director of Human Rights Watch. He just returned from a nine day visit to Kuwait.


A Post-War Analysis Iraqi-Kuwaiti Hositilites

Two interviews during this half hour:

Daniel Pipes, the Director of the Foreign Policy Research Institute discusses his recent trip to post-war Kuwait, and the future of that country. Then, Terry talks with Andrew Whitley, executive director of Middle East Watch. He'll discuss human rights violations in Kuwait; both abuses the Iraqis commited against the Kuwaitis, and the abuses the Kuwaitis are committing against the Palestinians.


"The Voice of Kuwait" Editor Prepares to Go Home

From London, Dr. Muhammad Al-Rumayhi, editor of the "Voice of Kuwait," a paper of the resistance. Ten days after the Iraqis invaded Kuwait, they started publishing leaflets from London. Since then, the Voice of Kuwait has been distributed to Kuwaitis living in exile throughout the Middle East. Al-Rumayhi leaves today to return to his home country.


The Music of Kuwait

World music critic Milo Miles gives a brief primer on the music of the newly-liberated country.


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