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Hispanic Americans

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'Jane the Virgin' writer recounts growing up undocumented in 'Illegally Yours'

Rafael Agustin arrived at the age of 7 in the U.S. with his parents from Ecuador. It wasn't until years later that he realized that his family immigrated to the country illegally.


Movie Review: 'Manito'

Film critic David Edelstein reviews Manito, a small budget film by first-time director Eric Eason. Manito won prizes at Sundance. It's being distributed in a novel way. It is getting a limited run in big cities and is also a part of a new DVD subscription service.


Journalist Richard Rodriguez

Journalist Richard Rodriguez is a regular essayist on PBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer and is an editor at the Pacific News Service in San Francisco. In his new book Brown: the Last Discovery of America (Viking) he assesses the meaning of Hispanics to the life of America.


Immigration to L. A.

Writer David Rieff (pronounced "reef"). his new book, "Los Angeles: Capital of the Third World," looks at how the millions of poor immigrants that have come to the Los Angeles area in the past two decades have changed the shape of that city...changing it from the "City of Dreams" that's long been L.A.'s popular image, to a much poorer, problem-ridden,and diverse, place. Rieff says something similar is in store for many other American cities. (The book's published by Simon and Schuster).


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