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Middle-Aged And Divorced, 'Gloria' Takes On Life's Uncertainties.

Gloria is a new film from Chile that centers on a late-middle-aged divorced woman whose life is full of ambiguity. She's played by Paulina Garcia, who won the top acting prize — the Silver Bear — at the 2013 Berlin Film Festival, where the movie was a surprise hit. It opens this week in New York and Los Angeles, and wider next month.


Former CIA Agent Jack Devine

Jack Devine was stationed in Chile during the coup as part of the agency's Chile task force. He is now a crisis management consultant in New York with the firm The Arkin Group.


Peter Kornbluh

Peter Kornbluh is director of the National Security Archive's Chile Documentation Project. He led the campaign to declassify official documents of the secret history of the United States government support for the Pinochet dictatorship. That information has now been collected in the new book, The Pinochet File: A Declassified Dossier on Atrocity and Accountability. The book chronicles 20 years of policy in Chile from 1970 to 1990.


Joyce Horman Discusses Her Husband's Murder Under Pinochet's Regime.

Joyce Horman is the widow of Charles Horman, an American living In Chile at the time of Pinochet's 1973 coup which overthrew the Socialist government of Salvador Allende. Horman was executed for his support of the Allende government. His story was told In the 1982 film "Missing" and Is the subject of the book "The Execution of Charles Horman, an American Sacrifice." The U.S. government had denied any complicity In Horman's death, but the recently declassified documents indicate otherwise.


How Does a Democracy Become a Dictatorship?

Pamela Constable and Arturo Valenzuela. Their new book, "A Nation of Enemies," examines how Chile, , a country with a long history of democracy, slipped into more than a decade of dictatorship under Augusto Pinochet. Constable is Latin America correspondent for the Boston Globe, Valenzuela is director of the Center for Latin American Studies at Georgetown University. (The book's published by W.W. Norton).


Timmerman's New Book Provides a Harrowing Look at the Political Situation in Chile.

Book Critic John Leonard reviews Chile: Death in the South by Jacobo Timmerman. Timmerman is the former Argentine journalist who was imprisoned for publishing the names of the people who disappeared at the hands of Argentina's dictatorship in the mid-70s. His account of his ordeal was titled Prisoner Without a Name, Cell Without a Number.


Garcia Marquez's Account of "Clandestine" Activities

The Nobel Prize-winning author condensed 600 pages of notes into a slim biography of filmmaker Miguel Littin, who traveled throughout Chile to salvage footage of life under Augusto Pinochet. Book critic John Leonard says LIttin is lucky to be the subject of Garcia Marquez's "magic" writing.


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