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Balkan Peninsula

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The Political Unrest in the Balkans.

Steve Erlanger is the Central Europe and Balkans Bureau Chief for The New York Times. He reports from Prague, Czech Republic on the aftermath of the NATO bombings in Yugoslavia. During the war, he filed reports from Belgrade.


Journalist Dan Fesperman Turns to Fiction.

Dan Fesperman is the former Berlin Bureau correspondent for the Baltimore Sun 1993-1996. From there he extensively covered Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia. He has drawn for his experience there for the setting of his new crime novel "Lie in the Dark." (Soho) It is about a Sarajevo homicide detective who must do his job while corpses pile up from the on-going civil war.


Two Dissident Writers in Exile Because of the Yugoslav War

Two winners of the P.E.N./Freedom to Write Awards: Serbian dissident writer Svetlana Slapsak and Bosnian writer Zoran Mutic. Both fled Sarajevo and Belgrade respectively to avoid repercussions because of their outspokenness and are living in exile in Slovenia. Mutic is of Serb/Muslim background and is a translator who translated Rushdie's "Midnight Children," into Serbian. Slapsak wrote the widely acclaimed essay, "When Words Kill." She is president of the Committee for the Liberty of Expression.


A Journalist on Anticipating the Balkan Crisis

Journalist Robert Kaplan has been a foreign correspondent for "The Atlantic," and "The New Republic." In the 1980s and early 1990s, he was the first American writer to warn of the coming crisis in the Balkans. His latest book, "Balkan Ghosts: A Journey Through History," is a political travel book about his journeys through southern Austria and Croatia, Old Serbia and Albania, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, and Greece.


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