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Musician Pete Townsend.

Pete Townsend. In the 1960's he made waves as the lead guitarist in the British rock group The Who. He was world famous for smashing guitars during concerts. Now, years after The Who split up, Townsend is busy with solo projects. "Tommy," the rock opera he wrote for The Who in 1969, is on Broadway. His latest album is called "White City."


The Origin of Mod Culture

Rock historian Ed Ward says the 1960s Mod movement started in working-class London, and was rooted more in fashion than rock music. But the amphetimine-fueled subculture was short-lived, and many Mods became hippies. The re-emergence of Mods in the 1970s didn't last long, either.


A Rock Critic on The Who

By focusing on one legendary band, Dave Marsh's new book explores how the public personas of rock bands are cultivated, and how these affect the personal lives of working musicians.


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