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Mingus, Charles, 1922-1979

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Sue Graham Mingus

Sue Graham Mingus' new memoir Tonight at Noon is about her love affair with the late jazz musician and composer Charles Mingus. She is a former magazine editor and publisher, and now works as a music producer. She also created and directs repertory ensembles that carry on the music of her late husband. Tonight at Noon... Three or Four Shades of Love, a CD featuring tracks by the Mingus Big Band and the Charles Mingues Orchestra, was recently released on the Dreyfus Jazz Label.


Keeping Rare Mingus Compositions Alive.

Jazz trumpeter Jack Walrath. Walrath is the musical director of Mingus Dynasty Band, a group that continues to explore the compositions of the late Charles Mingus. Their new album is called "The Next Generation." (It's on Columbia Records).


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