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Coltrane, John, 1926-1967

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Hearing New Music from Monk and Coltrane

Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead reviews Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall. It's a long-forgotten recording of a 1957 benefit concert, which has never been released until now.


Remembering Saxophonist Steve Lacy

He died earlier this month. Lacy was considered "the foremost interpreter of Thelonius Monk" and in fact trained and performed with Monk when he was in his mid-20s. Lacy was also known as the "father of the modern soprano saxophone." (This interview first aired Nov. 20, 1997.)


Remembering Drummer Elvin Jones

Jones was considered one of the most influential drummers in jazz history. He died Tuesday at the age of 76. He was best known for his work with John Coltrane. He also toured with bassist Charles Mingus and pianist Bud Powell. Jones had been a bandleader for over 30 years. His brother Hank Jones is a respected jazz pianist and his brother Thad Jones was a composer, arranger and bandleader who died in 1986. (Originally broadcast on Jan. 7, 1998.)


Saxophonist Ravi Coltrane.

Saxophonist Ravi Coltrane. He's the son of the legendary jazz musician John Coltrane, and was two years old when his father passed away. He's just completed his first album as band leader, "Moving Pictures" (RCA Victor)


Soprano Saxophone Legend Steve Lacy.

Soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy. He's on a North American tour with his trio through the beginning of December. Lacy is considered "the foremost interpreter of Thelonius Monk" and in fact trained and performed with Monk when he was in his mid-20's. Lacy is also known as the "father of the modern soprano saxophone." He is known for his unmistakable sound, as well as being one of the most prolific sax players performing today.


Jazz Pianist and Composer, McCoy Tyner.

Jazz pianist and composer McCoy Tyner grew up in West Philadelphia. In his early career, he worked as John Coltrane's pianist and recorded over twenty albums with the legend. Tyner has been recording on his own since 1965, and his influence is clear in the style of younger players. Tyner will perform and attend a concert in his honor at the upcoming Cool Jazz Festival.


Rashied Ali's "Free" Drumming.

Philadelphian Rashied Ali is a drummer known for his involvement with "free jazz" and other avant-garde jazz. Ali also played for John Coltrane. Ali joins the show to discuss his life and career.


Jazz Pianist McCoy Tyner

The Philadelphia-born musician made his mark performing with John Coltrane before striking out as a band leader. He explains the continual evolution of his approach to the piano.


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