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Williams, Hank, 1923-1953

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Two New Items From Hank Williams

Williams is commonly considered the most important country music songwriter. Critic Ken Tucker has a review of a newly released CD of radio broadcasts and DVD of TV performances.


Fresh Air Remembers Country Music Artist Ray Price

When Price was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1996, he was described as a living link from Hank Williams to the country music of today. He died Monday at the age of 87. We'll listen back to a 1999 interview he did with Terry Gross.


Breathing New Life Into Hank Williams' Lyrics.

The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams features a number of major country and rock musicians, who craft songs around lyrics that Hank Williams left behind in four notebooks when he died in 1953. Bob Dylan, Alan Jackson, Jack White and Norah Jones are among the artists on the album.


Hank Williams' Family Legacy on Display

When Hank Williams died on New Year's day in 1953, he left behind a legacy of honky tonk hits as well an extended family who would continue making music for decades to come. Milo Miles reviews "Family Tradition: The Williams Family Legacy," an exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame. "


Hank Williams' Big Impact on Country Music

Writer Colin Escott talks about his new book, "Hank Williams, The Biography." He's also the author of "Good Rockin' Tonight: Sun Records & The Birth of Rock & Roll", and he produced and annotated the CD Collection "Hank Williams: The Original Singles Collection...Plus."


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