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September 11, 2001

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Photographer Joel Meyerowitz

Since September 11th, Joel Meyerowitz has taken over 7000 photographs of Ground Zero. He gained unlimited access to the site and did so in conjunction with the Museum of the City of New York. A selection of those pictures can been seen in the May 20th issue of The New Yorker.


Writer and Retired N.Y.C. Firefighter Dennis Smith

Writer and retired New York city firefighter Dennis Smith arrived at the site of the World Trade Center towers on the day of the attacks to volunteer with the rescue effort. His new book Report from Ground Zero (Viking) is composed of first-person testimony of rescuers who were there when the towers were attacked and fell, and who helped in the efforts afterwards. Smith spent 18 years with the fire department. He is the author of nine books, including the bestseller Report from Engine Co. 82 about his years in the city's most dangerous and active firehouse.


Photographer Joel Meyerowitz

In honor of the six-month anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, Meyerowitz talks about his World Trade Center Archive Project, a traveling State Department-sponsored exhibition of Ground Zero photographs. Meyerowitz originally spoke about his World Trade Center photos when he was a guest on Fresh Air on October 23, 2001.


T.V. critic David Bianculli

T.V. critic David Bianculli previews the CBS special 9/11,which airs Sunday at 9:00 ET/PT. Filmmakers Jules and Gedeon Naudet captured footage of the collapse of the World Trade Center from the inside. Robert DeNiro narrates the special.


Reverend Christopher Keenan

Reverend Christopher Keenan is the Chaplain of the Fire Department of New York. He succeeds the Rev. Mychal Judge, who was killed on September 11th 2001 when hit by falling debris at the World Trade Center. Keenan is a Franciscan friar who was born in New York City. In the 80s, he established hospices for AIDS patients, and more recently, he's worked with the homeless.


Writer William Langewiesche

Writer William Langewiesche is a national correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly. He writes about recovery and cleanup efforts at the World Trade Center in his new book, American Ground: Unbuilding the World Trade Center (North Point Press). Langewiesche arrived at the scene days after the collapse and had unrestricted, round-the-clock access to events there.


Journalist Barton Gellman

Journalist Barton Gellman of The Washington Post will discuss the Clinton and Bush adminstrationsefforts to track down Osama bin Laden and his network prior to Sept. 11. Gellman wrote a two-part series about it that ran in the Post Dec. 19 and 20, 2001. A third installment was later published Jan 20, 2002.


Professor Robert Jay Lifton

Professor Robert Jay Lifton specializes in the study of extremist religions and cults. Hel talk with us about John Walker, the American captured in Afghanistan fighting for the Taliban. Lifton is Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology at the Graduate School University Center and Director of The Center on Violence and Human Survival at John Jay College of Criminal Justice at The City University of New York. He written books on many topics, including the Japanese cult which released poison gas in the Tokyo subways, Nazi doctors, Hiroshima survivors and Vietnam vets.


New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik

New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani appointed him the 40th police commissioner of the City of New York in August of 2000. Prior to that, he was the commissioner of the Department of Correction. Kerik began as a prison warden in New Jersey. He joined the NYPD as a beat cop on Times Square. He just written a book, called The Lost Son: A Life in Pursuit of Justice.


Writer Peter Bergen

Peter Bergen is a former correspondent/producer and current terrorism consultant for CNN, and the author of the book Holy War Inc.: Inside the Secret World of Osama bin Laden. (The Free Press) It both a biography of Bin Laden and an explanation of bin Laden global network. While at CNN, Bergen produced bin Laden first TV interview, filmed at his mountain hideout in Afghanistan. Bergen has written about Islamist militant groups for The New Republic, London Daily Telegraph and The Washington Times.


Novelist Richard Price

Novelist Richard Price reflects on life in New York City post September 11th. He reads an excerpt from an article he wrote for the 11/11/01 Sunday New York Times Magazine, about advice he gave his daughter. Price is the author of the novels Clockers and Freedomland.


Journalist Christopher Dickey

Journalist Christopher Dickey is Newsweek magazine Paris bureau chief and Middle East regional editor. His article in the November 19th issue is called "The Saudi Game" and details America complex relationship with Saudi Arabia. Dickey has written a number of critically acclaimed books, including the novel Innocent Blood and the non-fiction works Expats and With the Contras.


William Wechsler

William Wechsler was Special Adviser to the Secretary of the Treasury from 1999 to 2001. He also served as Director for Transnational Threats on the U.S. National Security Council and as Special Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President Clinton. Hel discuss what needs to be done to track the terrorist money trail.


Conductor and Pianist Christoph Eschenbach.

He becomes the music director of the Philadelphia Orchestra in 2003. Formerly music director for the Houston Symphony, Eschenbach is currently Conductor Laureate for that symphony. He is the music director of the Orchestre de Paris and Germanys Hamburg NDR Symphony Orchestra. He has also been the music director of the Ravinia Festival, summer home to the Chicago Symphony since 1994. He was named director for the Philadelphia Orchestra in January of this year.


New York Times reporter Chris Hedges

Former New York Times Balkans Bureau Chief and Middle East Bureau Chief, Hedges is currently a correspondent for that paper. In the past few weeks, hes been covering terrorist cells in France and Belgium. He recently published a piece in Harpers Magazine called "A Gaza Diary." He lives in New York.


Psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton

Psychiatrist Robert Jay Lifton is an expert on terrorism and cult groups. He the author of the book, Destroying the World to Save It: Aum Shinrikyo, Apocalyptic Violence, and the New Global Terrorism about the Japanese cult group that released sarin nerve gas in the Tokyo subways. Lifton will soon join the Harvard faculty as a visiting professor.


Singer and songwriter Loudon Wainwright III

Singer and songwriter Loudon Wainwright III. He has a new CD, Last Man on Earth and a new role on the hit FOX TV series, Undeclared. He plays a dysfunctional father on the show. Loudon Wainwright III grew up in the town of Bedford in wealthy Westchester County north of New York City. He became a folk singer/songwriter in the late '60s, singing humorous and autobiographical songs. In 1972, on his Album III he scored the top-40 hit "Dead Skunk." Many of his songs have been featured on NPR Morning Edition.


Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl

Professor of structural engineering at the University of California at Berkeley, Abolhassan Astaneh-Asl. He is a member of a team assembled by the American Society of Civil Engineers to investigate the World Trade Centers site. He recently received a grant from the National Science foundation to study the remains of the at the site. His findings will be used in engineering studies to help improve the structural integrity of buildings. Astanneh also has done research on bomb-resistant designs, following the bombing of the Oklahoma Federal Building.


Beyond words: David Remnick

For today's entire show we excerpt portions of The New Yorker magazines benefit program Beyond Words in which New Yorker writers read the work of others on-stage. (Taped Thursday, Oct. 11 at Town Hall in New York City). Beyond Words benefits The September 11th Fund. David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker introduces the readings.


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