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Peace Talks in the Middle East.

Andrew Whitley, the executive director of the human rights organization, Middle-East Watch. Their new book, "Syria Unmasked," documents the brutal human rights violations that have occurred under the rule of Hafez Asad. (It's published by Yale University Press).


A Post-War Analysis Iraqi-Kuwaiti Hositilites

Two interviews during this half hour:

Daniel Pipes, the Director of the Foreign Policy Research Institute discusses his recent trip to post-war Kuwait, and the future of that country. Then, Terry talks with Andrew Whitley, executive director of Middle East Watch. He'll discuss human rights violations in Kuwait; both abuses the Iraqis commited against the Kuwaitis, and the abuses the Kuwaitis are committing against the Palestinians.


Monitoring Human Rights in the Middle East

We look at the state of human rights in the region--particularly in Iraq before the start of the Gulf War--as well as elsewhere around the world. Kenneth Roth, the deputy director of Human Rights Watch, shares his insights.


Human Rights in the Arab World

In light of the Gulf crisis, Terry talks with Andrew Whitley, executive director of Middle East Watch. That group is a division of Human Rights Watch, an organization that monitors human rights violations in different regions of the world. Next, Terry talks with Sergeant George Rowen, of the of the New York National Guard. Rowen leaves for the Gulf in two weeks; his wife, who's also in the Guard, is stationed in Saudi Arabia.


How Do You Settle Accounts with Torturers?

Reporter Lawrence Weschler. Weschler is a staff writer for the "New Yorker," where he writes on human rights, political, and cultural issues. Weschler's new book, "A Miracle, A Universe: Settling Accounts with Torturers," (published by Pantheon) looks at how victims of torture in Brazil and Uruguay worked to bring their captors activities to light (portions of the book ran as a five-part series in the New Yorker). Weschler's earlier books include "The Passion of Poland," and "Shapinsky's Karma."


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