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Tobacco Industry

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Tobacco Fuels Addiction, And Terrorism

Tobacco smuggling is a lucrative business used to fund terrorist organizations around the world, according to a new report. David Kaplan, editor of "Tobacco Underground," explains how the illicit trade fuels organized crime.


Philip Hilts Discusses the Tobacco Industry's "Smokescreen."

Philip Hilts, correspondent on health and science policy for The New York Times. His new book is "Smokescreen: The Truth Behind the Tobacco Industry Cover-up" (Addison-Wesley). Hilts first broke the story of the now-infamous Brown and Williamson tobacco papers, which revealed when tobacco executives first learned about the addictive nature of nicotine and the dangers of smoking. Hilts' stories for the New York Times led to Congressional hearings.


Buckley Satirizes Lobbyists in New Novel.

Christopher Buckley has just written a new political satire, "Thank you for Smoking" (Random), which pokes fun at everything and everyone associated with the tobacco industry-- from anti-smoking advocates to tobacco company executives. Buckley was George Bush's speechwriter from 1981-1983 when Bush served as Vice President. The son of William F. Buckley, he is the author of other political and social satires, including "The White House Mess" and "Wet Work." He is the editor of "Forbes FYI" magazine.


The Market for Cigarettes in Asia.

Journalist Stan Sesser, who details the successful marketing of American cigarettes in Asian countries in a New Yorker article, (September 6, 1993). Sesser claims the continent of Asia consumes half the world's cigarettes. Of particular interest to American tobacco firms is China -- despite explicit laws prohibiting the sale or advertising of foreign cigarettes -- because three hundred million people smoke (more people than the entire population of the United States).


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