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Musician Willie Nelson raises a finger to the sky as he plays his guitar on stage at a concert in 1994.

Willie Nelson

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Willie Nelson: The Songwriter Reflects On His Hits

Before he became a leader of the outlaw country movement, Nelson worked for decades as a songwriter, pumping out hit after hit for other performers in Nashville. In 1996, he joined Terry Gross for a conversation about his most famous songs, including "Crazy," "The Family Bible" and "Night Life."


Willie Nelson, Heartbreaker

The legendary singer and songwriter's most recent album is Songbird. He's also an actor, of course — Blonde Ambition gives him his latest film role. This interview was originally broadcast on May 25, 2006.


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Rock critic Ken Tucker

He reviews Crazy: The Demo Sessions (Sugar Hill records), a collection of songs Willie Nelson wrote and recorded between 1960 and 1966, hoping to sell them to the big stars of the country era.


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