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Roger Ebert In Review: A 'Fresh Air' Survey

Fresh Air remembers the film critic and bon vivant Roger Ebert, who died Thursday, with a roundup of interviews from our archive -- one with Ebert alone, one with him and his late partner Gene Siskel, and two in which Ebert interviews iconic directors. Plus, critic-at-large John Powers discusses Ebert's 2011 memoir Life Itself.


Siskel and Ebert's 'At The Movies' Takes Final Bow.

The long-running movie chat show, created by Chicago critics Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel 35 years ago, is calling it quits this weekend. Fresh Air bids farewell by replaying an archival interview from 1996.

This interview was originally broadcast on March 21, 1996.


Saluting AFI's Great American Genre Films: Part 2

The American Film Institute has issued a list of the Top 10 American films within 10 favorite genres. Fresh Air continues a series exploring those film greats, featuring interviews with notables represented on the list.

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