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A Final Farewell to Newsman Peter Jennings

ABC reporter and anchor Peter Jennings died Sunday at age 67 after a four-month battle with lung cancer. The intrepid journalist had helmed ABC's World News Tonight since 1983. (This interview originally aired Nov. 17, 1998.)


Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather

We broadcast excerpts from a recent panel presented by The New Yorker magazine. On the panel were network news anchors Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather. They discuss the presidential campaign and network news. The panel was moderated by Ken Auletta, a contributor to The New Yorker who writes the Annals of Communications column for the magazine.


ABC News Anchor Peter Jennings Looks Back on this Century

Jennings has collaborated with Todd Brewster on a new 12-hour documentary series which takes a look back at the 20th century. It's called "The Century" and will be broadcast early in 1999. There's also a companion book published by Doubleday. JENNINGS will discuss the project and his own 35 years in the news business.

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