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Magicians Penn and Teller Satirize Their Trade

Penn Jillette and Teller of the macabre magician team Penn & Teller. They've been performing for over twenty years, both on Broadway and around the world. The duo has written "How to Play in Traffic" (Boulevard), an offbeat travel guide, and has also authored "Cruel Tricks for Dear Friends" and "How to Play with Your Food." This month they began a series of variety shows, "Penn & Teller's Sin City Spectacular" on the FX cable network. (REBROADCAST from 6/19/87 and 10/22/97)


From the Archives: Magic for People Who Hate Magic.

Magician and juggler Penn Jillette. He's one half of the comedy team of Penn and Teller. They are to traditional magic what the Rolling Stones are to the Vienna Symphony Orchestra. Penn and Teller revel in making fun of traditional magicians, whom they characterize as sleazy lounge performers. Their hit Broadway show was a mix of rock and roll, insults, self-injury and baffling illusions. When David Letterman invited Penn and Teller to "Late Night," the pair made hundreds of hissing cockroaches appear on Dave's desk.


How is Penn Jillette Spending Christmas?

With everyone making plans for Christmas and New Year's Eve, we wondered what magician Penn Jillette (pronounced like "Gillette") would be up to. Jillette's one half of the magic team, Pen and Teller. The pair's latest show, "Penn and Teller Rot In Hell," is now playing off

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