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Country music star Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash

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Johnny Cash: A Ghost Rider, Still Stirring Souls.

A new Johnny Cash album, American Recordings VI: Ain't No Grave was released this week to coincide with what would have been Cash's 78th birthday. We remember the singer, songwriter and guitarist, who wrote more than 1,500 songs — and performed from the 1950s until just before his death in 2003.


'Fresh Air' Celebrates 20 Years on NPR

We can hardly believe it ourselves, but somehow Fresh Air has just reached its 20th anniversary as a daily national show. (We were a daily local program in Philadelphia for about 12 years before that.)


Johnny Cash: In His Own Words

The new film Walk the Line is based on the life of legendary musician Johnny Cash. We begin a two-day look at the life of the much-celebrated "Man in Black" with an interview with Cash himself. This interview originally aired on Nov. 4, 1997.

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Rosanne Cash Runs Down Her Father's 'List'

When Cash was 18, her father (you know him as Johnny) presented her with a gift: a list of 100 essential country songs to help the budding singer-songwriter connect with and better understand the music that came before her. After holding on to it for the past few decades, Roseanne Cash decided to turn that gift into The List, her new album.


Director Mark Romanek Tackles 'Never Let Me Go'

The acclaimed music-video director transitioned to the big screen with One Hour Photo, a dark psychological drama starring Robin Williams. Now Romanek has tackled Never Let Me Go, the futuristic thriller based on Kazoo Ishiguro's novel.

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