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Ed Ward

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A Feast for Hendrix Lovers.

Music critic Ed Ward reviews the new Jimi Hendrix album (yes, you read that right), "First Rays of the New Rising Sun" (Experience Hendrix/MCA) the album he left incomplete at the time of his death.


Reevaluating Dock Boggs.

Rock historian Ed Ward on Moran Lee Boggs, otherwise known as Dock Boggs, who played banjo like a blues guitar in the 1920s. Boggs died in 1971. His recordings have been collected on a new CD "Dock Boggs: Country Blues" (Reventant label)


Dusty Springfield's Masterpiece.

Rock historian Ed Ward considers the career of Dusty Springfield, and her landmark album, "Dusty in Memphis" the 1969 album which is being re-released in April by Rhino Records, along with a collection of tracks recorded in London.


The Night Dylan Went Electric.

Rock historian Ed Ward reviews "The Bootleg Series Vol. 4: Bob Dylan Live 1966: The 'Royal Albert Hall' Concert" (Columbia). The series documents his controversial world tour when he plugged in his electric guitar. The Royal Albert Hall concert took place in Manchester, England.

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