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Ed Ward

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Reviewing the Latest Rock Books

Rock historian Ed Ward hares his opinions on some of the current crop of rock biographies and industry profiles, including Charles Shar Murray's look at Jimmy Hendrix's place in American culture, "Crosstown Traffic," which he says is brilliant.


The Best Rock Re-Issues of the Year

Rock and roll historian Ed Ward surveys some of this year's best rock and roll CD re-issues, featuring higher-fidelity sound and more informative liner notes.


Soul Music from the 1970s

Rock historian Ed Ward looks back at some of the best soul music of the 70s. Rhino Records has just released a series of CDs collecting the best hits of that decade.


A Collection of Gems.

Rock Historian Ed Ward reviews a 9-CD reissue from the old soul label Stax, the Memphis label that brought us Otis Redding, Carla Thomas, Sam and Dave, and Booker T and the MG's.


A Star-Studded Botch.

Rock historian Ed Ward continues his look at the last four decades in rock. Today he turns the clock back to 1962.


The Best of the Rock Box Sets.

There's been a flood of CD anthologies this year documenting the careers of many great early rock and rollers. Rock historian Ed Ward tells us what ones he likes best, and what ones would make the best Christmas presents.

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