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Tom Hanks

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"From the Earth to the Moon."

Actor, director and producer Tom Hanks and writer Andrew Chaikin talk with Terry Gross about HBO's 12 part mini-series "From Earth to the Moon" which begins this Sunday. Hanks was the executive producer for the project. Chaikin, a consultant on the series, wrote the book "A Man on the Moon" which program is largely based on. Hanks also starred in the film "Apollo 13". Hanks received Academy Awards for his roles in "Forrest Gump," and "Philadelphia."


Movie Actor Tom Hanks

Hanks made his name in Hollywood in films like Splash, The Money Pit, and Big. He stars opposite Sally Field in the new movie Punchline, in which he plays a standup comedian. To master the role, he developed and performed a routine, which he performed for months before shooting began.

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