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Composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim poses for a portrait in front of a sign advertising one of his musicals

Stephen Sondheim

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Composer and Lyricist Stephen Sondheim

Sondheim briefly wrote for the television show Topper before becoming the lyricist for the Broadway hits West Side Story and Gypsy. A trained composer, he later began writing his own musicals which, Sondheim says, continued in the Rogers and Hammerstein tradition. They include Sweeney Todd, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, and Into the Woods.


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Audra McDonald: Shaping 'Bess' On Broadway

The actress is nominated for her fifth Tony Award for the Broadway musical Porgy and Bess. "There's very few quiet moments for Bess," she says. "They're all very big, very emotional. ... And to commit to that night after night is very difficult.


Taking a Listen to Sondheim Demos

Classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz reviews a new CD of Stephen Sondheim's private demo recordings. Proceeds from the album go to raise money for a fund to help young playwrights.


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