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Paul Theroux

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Writer Paul Theroux.

Paul Theroux ("Thuh-RUE") is no ordinary travel writer: his books are about exotic voyages, some by train, and others by foot. His work includes "The Great Railway Bazaar," "The Old Patagonian Express," and "The Kingdom By The Sea." He's also a novelist, perhaps best known for "The Mosquito Coast," which became a film starring Harrison Ford. In his latest book, " The Happy Isles of Oceania," Theroux explores the far-off Pacific Islands, traveling from island to island in a one-man, collapsible kayak.


Paul Theorux Rides the Rails Through China.

Writer Paul Theroux. Since his first book, Waldo, was published in 1966, Theroux has written prolifically. His extensive travels have taken him through Africa, Asia and Central America, and a central theme of his work is the ironic examination of the clashing and mingling of Western and Third World cultures. Theroux's newest book, Riding the Iron Rooster, is an account of his travels by train through China.


Novelist and Travel Writer Paul Theroux

The author has a new novel called Mosquito Coast, which he describes as a family adventure novel in the tradition of Treasure Island. In fiction and real life, he is interested in the impulse to leave one's home country, either as a traveler or an immigrant.

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