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Michael T. Klare

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The U.S. Is Ill-Prepared to Confront "Rogue States"

Defense analyst and professor Michael Klare, author of Rogue States and Nuclear Outlaws: America's Search for a New Foreign Policy. The book explores the current tendency of the Pentagon to focus on Third World countries as the new threat to U.S. national security. Klare is defense correspondent for The Nation, a frequent commentator on National Public Radio, and Professor of Peace and World Security Studies at Hampshire College.


Arms Developments of the Post Cold War Era.

Michael Klare, defense correspondent for the Nation. In the February third issue, Klare examines the current state of arms sales throughout the world. He says although nuclear arms sales have been curtailed, and the Soviet Union is gone, the sale of conventional arms to the third world continues unabated. Klare is also an associate professor at Hampshire College, and director of the Five-College Program in Peace and World Securities.


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