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Jason DeParle

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Welfare in Wisconsin.

We talk about the state of welfare with journalist Jason DeParle (dee- PARL). De Parle has been covering welfare for the last 10 years. He has been monitoring welfare programs in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where work requirements have been the toughest. He just finished a yearlong series for the New York Times, about the changes in the welfare system. He says that although there are far fewer people on welfare, the lives of the poor haven’t changed much.


Recent Government Housing Policies Assist Fewer Poor Families

New York Times writer Jason DeParle. He covers poverty and social welfare issues for the Times. Recently, DeParle has been writing about the disappearance of affordable housing. On top of that, government subsidies for low-income housing have all but disappeared. DeParle's New York Times Magazine cover story about housing appeared on October 20, 1996.


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