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David Mamet

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Pulitzer Prize-Winning Playwright David Mamet Reflects on "Passover"

Mamet's new novel is a conversation between a grandmother and granddaughter preparing a traditional Passover meal. The grandmother reveals the horrific family history of living through the Polish Pogroms. Mamet also wrote Glengarry Glen Ross, Writing in Restaurants, and the screenplays for The Untouchables and Hoffa.


Playwright David Mamet on the Rhythm of Language

Mamet's plays include "American Buffalo," "Speed-the-Plow," "Glengarry Glen Ross (for which he won a Pulitzer), and "Oleanna." His movies include, "Homicide," "House of Games," and "Things Change." Mamet is best known for his style of writing, which New York Times theatre critic Frank Rich described as "burying layers of meaning into simple precisely distilled idiomatic language." Mamet has written several books of essays; he's just published his first novel, "The Village."

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Actor and David Mamet Collaborator William H. Macy

The theater director and actor is a member of playwright David Mamet's circle of theater innovators. Macy has most recently starred in Mamet's new play "Oleanna", and was featured in his film "Homocide". They co-founded the Atlantic Theater Company, an ensemble which performs mainly original works by American writers. Members of the company wrote "A Practical Handbook For The Actor", from notes taken during acting workshops led by Mr. Macy. One critic writes that the ensemble "has rescued theater from the mindless". (Rebroadcast)


Actor Joe Mantegna.

Stage and screen actor Joe Mantegna. Long an associate of Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Mamet, Mantegna starred in the stage version of "Glengarry Glen Ross", for which he won a Tony Award. Mantegna revels in shady characters: gamblers, cutthroat salesman, mobsters and Hollywood hucksters. His film work includes Mamet's "House of Games" and "Homicide" and his newest film has just been released: "Searching for Bobby Fischer".
(Rebroadcast of 11/05/1991)

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