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John Leonard




The Changing Landscape of Modern Television

Literary editor of The Nation and television critic for New York Magazine John Leonard (and former Fresh Air book critic). His new book is a collection of essays, "Smoke and Mirrors: Violence, Television, and other American Cultures."


Reviewing the Television Coverage of the Gulf War

Critic John Leonard talks to Terry Gross about how television news shows are covering the war in Iraq. They conclude that networks are framing the conflict as a kind of entertainment program -- a strategy which may actually bring the war closer to home for many viewers.


Reviewing the Year's Best

Film critic Stephen Schiff and book critic John Leonard look back at the movies and books of 1990. They give us their favorites from the year, and consider trends and highlights in popular culture.


Fresh Air Book Critic John Leonard

Host Terry Gross continues her series of interviewers with Fresh Air contributors. Today she talks with John Leonard, whose criticism appears widely. As a college student he considered a life of political activism before deciding that writing was were his strengths lay. A recovering alcoholic, Leonard describes how, even while he bottomed out, he still delivered copy to his editors.


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