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'Capote' Plumbs a Legend

Capote, the new film about Truman Capote, details the writer's life at the time around his breakthrough book, In Cold Blood. The film, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman, tells the story of how Capote came to tell of the murder of a Holcomb, Kan., family.



In Junebug, a story of characters and culture clashes, Embeth Davidtz plays a Chicago art dealer who meets her new in-laws on a business trip to North Carolina, including a very pregnant Amy Adams.


Gritty, Heartwarming 'Hustle & Flow'

A Memphis pimp with a midlife crisis tries to make it as a rapper in Hustle & Flow, a film featuring the prodigious acting talents of Terrence Howard. He spent nearly two years researching a role that he initially did not want to accept.


Film Critic David Edelstein: Top Movies of 2004

Film critic David Edelstein lists his top movies of 2004, and recommends current holiday releases. Edelstein says 2004 saw some high-profile winners — and losers hit the nation's big screens. Edelstein says there were some great performances in some not-so-great movies. This was a year of documentaries, some of which proved politically divisive.


Top Film Picks of 2003

Film critic David Edelstein talks about the year's top movies. Edelstein is a film critic for the online magazine Slate.


Film critic David Edelstein

Film critic David Edelstein will talk about his picks for the best films of 2002. The list includes Gangs of New York, Far From Heaven, Lovely and Amazing, The Pianist and Igby Goes Down. David Edelstein is a Fresh Air contributor as well as the film critic for the online magazine Slate.

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