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In A 'Miraculous Year' For Movies, Edelstein Picks His Favorites

In 2013, "you really feel as if directors are taking chances in their storytelling," says film critic David Edelstein. He loved the movie Her, and says the biggest surprises of the year were All Is Lost and Much Ado About Nothing. He also explains why 12 Years a Slave didn't make his top 10.


David Edelstein's Top 12 Movies of 2012

Fresh Air's movie critic does not think any masterpieces were made this year, but he does compare Daniel Day Lewis to Julius Caesar and have some choice thoughts on the movie version of Les Mis.


Flicks, Picked: Best And Worst Films Of 2010

Fresh Air's David Edelstein couldn't limit himself to 10 movies for his Top 10 list -- he put 12 titles on this year's crop -- and explains why he parted ways with colleagues when it came time to hand out the annual New York Film Critics Circle Awards.


When 10 Won't Do: David Edelstein's Top 13 Films.

Movies you've heard plenty about (Avatar, Where the Wild Things Are) rub elbows with movies you may have missed (Summer Hours, Everlasting Moments) on our critic's list of the finest big-screen features of 2009. Edelstein joins Terry Gross to talk about the year in pictures.


David Edelstein's Top 10 Movies of 2008

The top movies of 2008 — and the larger cultural trends reflected in those films. Fresh Air movie critic David Edelstein talks with Terry Gross about his Ten Best List for 2008.


David Edelstein's Top 10 Films of 2007

Fresh Air's arbiter of things filmic offers his annual year-end movies wrap-up.

This time, his Top 10 list has 11 entries, as the number-nine slot features a tie. Edelstein tells Terry Gross why he needed an extra spot — and why some films that drew praise from other quarters didn't make his cut. Here's the list, with links to previously published reviews and features by Edelstein as well as by All Things Considered's Bob Mondello, Morning Edition contributor Kenneth Turan, and other NPR voices:


Movies 2005: David Edelstein's Top 10

As part of Fresh Air's annual 10 Best edition, film critic David Edelstein offers his take on the year's crop of movies. And as part of his conversation with Terry Gross, Edelstein discusses movies opening this holiday season. David Edelstein is also chief film critic for

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