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David Bianculli

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Trekkies, Rejoice!

Television Critic David Bianculli reviews "Star Trek: The Next Generation," the syndicated series that features an entirely new cast of voyagers.


Television Mini-series Captures Essence of Crime.

Television Critic David Bianculli previews "Echoes in the Darkness," an upcoming CBS miniseries about the murder of schoolteacher Susan Reinert and her two children in the Philadelphia suburb of Upper Merion. The principal of the school, Jay Smith, and a fellow teacher, William Bradford, were later convicted of the murder.


Review of Television "Docu-Dramas."

Television Critic David Bianculli previews three upcoming miniseries - "Mayflower Madam," "Napoleon and Josephine" and "Hoover vs. The Kennedys: The Second Civil War" - and discusses how docudramas have evolved in the past few years.


Morton Downey, Jr.'s Show Doesn't Raise the Level of Discussion.

Television Critic David Bianculli previews "The Morton Downey Jr. Show," a new talk show that's the equivalent of shock radio. Downey's guests range from representatives of Planned Parenthood to the Ku Klux Klan. But it's the frenzy of audience, and Downey's abuse of both guests and audience, that makes the show unique.

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