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David Bianculli




New TV Shows Worth Watching

David Bianculli is in Los Angeles along with other television critics to preview the fall season. He says he's most excited about two ABC comedies and a new version of Star Trek currently in production.


David Bianculli: The Interview.

Fresh Air's Television Critic David Bianculli. Bianculli has worked as television critic at several metropolitan papers, including The Akron Beacon Journal, The Fort Lauderdale News and The Philadelphia Inquirer. His writing has also appeared in The New York Times, Rolling Stone and the Washington Journalism Review. He is currently the television critic for The New York Post.


The End of the TV Writer's Strike

TV critic David Bianculli is in Los Angeles for a press tour. Now that the five-month long writers' strike has come to an end, he discusses the upcoming television season -- which he finds largely unimpressive -- with Fresh Air guest host Sedge Thomson.


Fall T.V. Preview.

Television critic David Bianculli takes an early look at ABC's plans for the fall.


Looking Ahead to the Fall TV Season

Television critic David Bianculli reports back from the annual TV critics' gathering to talk about what networks have planned. He says that Fox is dominating, and the other channels are producing more and edgier shows to compete.


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