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The "Aesthetic" of Femininity.

Activist and journalist Susan Brownmiller is known for her seminal work "Against Our Will: Men, Women, and Rape," one of the first to make the assertion that rape is about violence and not lust. Her new book os "Femininity." The book examines the aesthetic of femininity, explores it origins, and suggests its implications for women. Brownmiller describes femininity as a competitive survival strategy. Brownmiller is also the co-founder of Women Against Pornography.


Black Women: Love and Identity.

Marita Golden became part of a group of black radicals as student at American University in Washington, D.C. After graduating from the Columbia School of Journalism, Golden married a Nigerian and moved to Nigeria with him. Golden was shocked by the role of women and wives in the country, which she found stifling. Taking her son with her, Golden left her husband and returned to the United States. She discuss her life and experiences in her memoir "Migrations of the Heart."


Cosmopolitan, Fashion, and Beauty Standards with Helen Gurley Brown.

Helen Gurley Brown is the editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine. She says that her newest book, "Having it All," is aimed at "mouse burgers" or, women of plain appearance. She defends beauty standards and claims that all women can develop themselves through fashion, makeup, exercise, and even plastic surgery.

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