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Songs from the Night Sky

Singer Bonnie Koloc sings a new song she said was inspired by a magical night in the countryside. She is accompanied by pianist Howard Levy.


Wanda Jackson Was More than a Country Star

In the 1950s, Elvis Presley encouraged Jackson to sing rockabilly. She was notable for writing and performing her own independent and forceful songs, says rock historian Ed Ward. Her sexual persona matched Presley's, but proved to be a detriment to her career -- so she returned to country music.


Remembering Singer Dorothy Collins

We pay tribute to singer Dorothy Collins, who died yesterday at the age of 67. Collins was the star of the 1950's TV show "Your Hit Parade," and received a Tony nomination in1971 for her role in Stephen Sondheim's Broadway show "Follies." We will play "Losing My Mind," from that show.


The Stride Stylings of Marcia Ball

Boogie-woogie pianist Marcia Ball performs. Ball lives in Austin, Texas, where she is known as the Queen of the Keyboards, and a pioneer of the vibrant rhythm and blues scene there. (Rebroadcast)


Barbara Acklin

Rock historian Ed Ward tells us about Chicago singer and songwriter Barbara Acklin who almost made it big.

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