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Tegan And Sara Reach Out To New Audiences With 'Heartthrob.'

The twin sisters from Canada depart from their indie singer-songwriter roots with their latest album. The music on Heartthrob is often loaded with a carefully articulated sense of doubt that Tegan and Sara suggest needs to be shaken off through a triumph of the pop-music will.


On 'Banga,' Patti Smith Pays Homage To Friends.

Banga is Smith's 11th studio album, her first collection of original material since 2004 and the first record she's released since the publication of her memoir Just Kids. Rock critic Ken Tucker says the music on Banga is marvelously uneven and frequently transporting.


Two Divas, Both Alike in Mononyms

Fresh Air rock critic Ken Tucker reviews two albums from two one-named singers: Madonna's Hard Candy and the self-titled release from Swedish pop singer Robyn.


Amy LaVere, Throwing 'Anchors & Anvils'

Anchors & Anvils is the jazzy, torchy, after-a-breakup second album by singer, actress and stand-up bassist Amy LaVere. Jim Dickinson, who's worked with Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones and the Replacements, produced the disc.


The Trucks Debut with Abundant Attitude

Four women musicians from Bellingham, Wash., who call themselves "The Trucks" have released a debut album of the same name, with language and attitude that is not going to get them much airplay on mainstream radio.

The Trucks are another entry in a long line of female rock bands that know and find their audience.


CD Review: 'C'Mon DJ'

Rock critic Ken Tucker reviews C'Mon DJ, the third album by the Boston based duo Mr. Airplane Man, featuring singer-guitarist Margaret Garrett and drummer-organist Tara McManus.


An Emotional Rocker.

Rock Critic Ken TuckerR reviews Alanis Morissette's debut album "Jagged Little Pill" (Maverick).


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