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A Novel of "Nightmare Unhappiness"

Book critic John Leonard says that leading feminist author Margaret Atwood can be alternately lyrical and severe. Her latest novel, Cat's Eye, is a dark look at a painter's fraught friendships with other women.


Forging a Career as a Woman Painter.

Alice Neel is a painter known for her portraits and nudes. Neel was born in 1900 in the Main Line and studied at the Philadelphia School for Design for Women, later Moore College of Art. Neel's work is featured in an exhibit at the Philadelphia College of Art, [later University of the Arts] focusing on women artists whose work appears in the archives of the Women's Interart Center in New York. She discusses her life and career as a woman artist.


Portrait Painter Alice Neel

The artist says the success of her work rests on her attention to the natural, undirected poses of her subjects. She argues that, to garner artistic merit, a portrait must go beyond straightforward representation.


Cynthia Carlson On Art and Radio.

Artist Cynthia Carlson discusses her influences and process. Carlson's radio piece for the Audio Vision series at WHUY "A Portrait of the Young Artist As a Young Middle Aged Voice" is played.

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