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Sofia Coppola Mimics Hollywood Life In 'Somewhere'

Filmmaker Sofia Coppola's latest movie, Somewhere, is about an aimless Hollywood actor, played by Stephen Dorff, who re-examanes his superficial life after a visit from his 11-year-old daughter. Coppola discusses the film -- and her relationship with her own father, Francis Ford Coppola.


Lena Dunham's Big Dreams Rest On 'Tiny Furniture'

The filmmaker was just 23 years old when she won South by Southwest jury prize for her second film, Tiny Furniture. The comedy stars Dunham and her real-live mom and sister playing fictionalized versions of themselves in their real-life apartment in New York City.


'Away from Her' Is Sarah Polley's New Path

Canadian actress Sarah Polley, who's perhaps best known in the United States as the injured Nicole in Atom Egoyan's wrenching The Sweet Hereafter and the drug-dealing Ronna in Doug Liman's Go, makes her directorial debut with the intimate indie drama Away from Her.

The new movie is based on a short story by Alice Munro; it stars Julie Christie as a woman with Alzheimer's, and features Olympia Dukakis, Michael Murphy and Gordon Pinsent. The movie has generated buzz on the film-festival circuit, and opens in the U.S. on May 4.


From the Archives: Actress Liv Ullman's Directorial Debut.

Actress Liv Ullman. She's best known for her work with director Ingmar Bergman. In 1993 she made her directing debut with the film, "Sofie," based on a novel by Danish writer Henri Nathansen. She also co-wrote the screenplay. Ullman is directing again and collaborating again with Bergman. Her new film is "Private Confessions" -- which was written by Ingmar Bergman. (REBROADCAST from 5/11/93)


Film Director and Former PA Sarah Kelly

Kelly made her directorial debut with the documentary "Full Tilt Boogie," a comedy about the making of the Quentin Tarantino action vampire film, "From Dusk Till Dawn." Kelly previously worked on Tarantino's production team for the films "Killing Zoe" and "Pulp Fiction."


"Little Women" Director Gillian Armstrong

The Australian director made the new film based on the popular nineteenth century novel. In 1978, Armstrong's career took off with the critically acclaimed film "My Brilliant Career" -- the first in Australia directed by a woman. Armstrong has garnered many film awards since, including the Australian Film Institute Awards, U.S. National society of Film Critics Award, and a best film at the Festival International de Creteil, France.

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