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'Blue Plate Special': A Generous Helping Of Life.

Novelist Kate Christensen makes a plot line of her own life in a memoir that describes her struggles to come to terms with her family, her relationships and her sometimes violent father. A passionate lover of food, Christensen weaves recipes into a story of survival.


Ruth Reichl: Dining In Disguise And Going 'Gourmet'

Food writer Ruth Reichl famously went undercover to review restaurants for The New York Times. In a series of interviews on Fresh Air, she discusses her formative food experiences, her restaurant reviews and her tenure at Gourmet magazine.


Ruth Reichl: A New Book And The End Of 'Gourmet'

The editor in chief of Gourmet joins Terry Gross to discuss the surprise announcement that the venerable magazine will publish its final edition in November. Along with recipes and regrets, she'll talk about her new recipe book, Gourmet Today.


'Gourmet' Magazine Editor Ruth Reichl

Food critic and editor-in-chief of 'Gourmet' magazine Ruth Reichl has completed her third memoir, 'Garlic and Sapphires: The Secret Life of a Critic in Disguise.' Last year Reichl edited 'The Gourmet Cookbook' that culled from 60 years of 'Gourmet's' back issues. This interview was originally broadcast on Oct. 5, 2004.


Editor-in-Chief of 'Gourmet Magazine' Ruth Reichl

Reichl edited The Gourmet Cookbook, which includes more than 1,200 recipes culled from 60 years of the magazine's back issues. Reichl is the author of two best-selling memoirs, Tender at the Bone and Comfort Me with Apples. Before becoming editor of Gourmet, she was restaurant critic of The New York Times, and before that food editor of the Los Angeles Times.


A Fiction Writer Turns to Food

Novelist Laurie Colwin has published a collection of essays about food called Home Cooking. While many of her friends enjoy traveling, her idea of a good time is staying home and making a good meal. She also cooks for the needy at homeless shelters.


Marge Piercy's "Fly Away Home."

Poet and novelist Marge Piercy's work often discusses feminism and leftist organizing. Her newest novel "Fly Away Home," is about a famous chef who discovers that her marriage has fallen apart and that her husband has a secret life.

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