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'Inside Amy Schumer': It's Not Just Sex Stuff

Amy Schumer's Comedy Central special was called Mostly Sex Stuff but her comedy is about more than that. In her stand-up and her show Inside Amy Schumer, she tackles racism, awkward moments and more.


'Inside Amy Schumer': It's Not Just Sex Stuff

Amy Schumer talks a lot about sex -- so much so that her Comedy Central special was called simply Mostly Sex Stuff. But her comedy i about much more than that. On her show Inside Amy Schumer, as well as in her stand-up, she tackles racism and awkward moments, and yes, sex, too. Also sex.


Carol Burnett: The Fresh Air Interview

Carol Burnett won the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in October. The award ceremony will be broadcast on PBS Sunday, Nov. 24. Fresh Air's Terry Gross interviewed Burnett in 2003.


Tig Notaro On Going 'Live' About Her Life.

Tig Notaro walked onstage hours after finding out she was diagnosed with cancer, and talked about it in a standup comedy set that Louis C.K. described in a tweet as masterful. Notaro spoke with Fresh Air's Terry Gross about the set, titled Tig Notaro: Live.

This interview was originally broadcast on Oct. 8, 2012.


Maria Bamford: A Seriously Funny Comedian.

The comedian's routines tackle some of the really serious problems she has: OCD, bipolar disorder, suicidal thoughts. But you have to laugh, because she's that funny. Bamford talks to Fresh Air's Terry Gross about her parents and her Web-only programs.

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