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Glenda Jackson On Playing King Lear: Gender Barriers 'Crack' With Age

Shakespeare's King Lear is one of the most challenging and prestigious roles in theater — and one that's traditionally played by a man. But now a new production of King Lear on Broadway stars Glenda Jackson in its title role. The British actor, who is 82, is fine with the gender bending casting. She recently returned to acting after 23 years away, when she served as a Member of Parliament.


Whedon's Touch Finds A Match With 'Much Ado'

Sandwiched into Joss Whedon's busy schedule of TV series and big-screen features was an unexpected low-budget adaptation of Shakespeare's comedy Much Ado About Nothing -- shot in black and white. Film critic David Edelstein says it's a delight.


Shakespeare, Thompson: Stick To The Print Versions.

The lives of writers drive two films opening this week: The Rum Diary, starring Johnny Depp, dramatizes a Hunter S. Thompson novel. Roland Emmerich's Anonymous, meanwhile, examines who wrote Shakespeare's plays. Critic David Edelstein says both films show how hard it is to write about writers.


Mark McKinney: Comedic 'Slings And Arrows'

Canadian actor and comedian Mark McKinney joins Terry Gross to discuss his career, including Slings and Arrows, the critically acclaimed miniseries about a Shakespearean theater troupe. It's out now on Blu-Ray.


'Playing Shakespeare' The Way The Pros Do It

Playing Shakespeare, a 1984 series in which actors dissect some of the Bard's most famous works, shows how crucial an understanding of Shakespeare's language and versification are to conveying the meaning — and power — of his scenes.


Al Pacino Takes on Shakespeare in "Looking for Richard"

Pacino is starring in "Donnie Brasco" with Johnny Depp. Before that, Pacino directed, produced and starred in the experimental film "Looking for Richard," which goes behind the scenes of a production of Shakespeare's Richard the Third. (REBROADCAST from 10/24/96)

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