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From the Archives: A Freelance Firefighter Spends Half the Year Saving Forests.

Peter M. Leschak battles forest fires in the Midwest and the West...He’s not a smoke jumper he says, he’s a grunt--hiking to remote locations, putting out fires sometimes on his hands and knees-spark by spark. His newest book is "Rogues and Toads" which is a collection of his poetry from North Star Press. He has written about his experiences fighting fires in numerous books including " Hellroaring. . He lives in Sidelake, Minnesota. This originally aired 3/9/95.


Fighting fires on the northern rim of the Grand Canyon.

Writer and ecological historian STEPHEN PYNE. His latest book, Fire on the Rim, A Firefighter's Season at the Grand Canyon, explores the intricacies of fire management, man's relation to the rural western environment, and the summer ritual that changes the canyon and the people who try to protect it. Pyne worked as a firefighter for 15 season's on the northern rim of the Grand Canyon. Pyne describes a life where the firefighter lives in isolation for four months, defined by the fires and the capriciousness of lightning.


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