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Journalist Robert Sullivan.

Journalist Robert Sullivan. His first book, “The Meadowlands” (now in paperback) an urban adventure in the wilds of the marshy dumping area between New Jersey and New York was praised for its wit, imagination and intelligence. His new book “A Whale Hunt” (Scribner) chronicles the two years he spent watching the Makah Indian tribe in Washington state as they prepared for and attempted their first whale hunt in over 70 years. But they didn’t do it alone: they were surrounded by angry protestors and hounded by the press.


Marine Artist Richard Ellis Writes a History of the Whaling Industry.

Marine artist Richard Ellis. He's been studying and painting whales for the past two decades. His new book "Men and Whales," is the history of the relationship between the two, beginning with the hunting of whales. It's just been recent in history that whaling has been outlawed in most areas of the world. (published Alfred A. Knopf).


Roy Ahmaogak Offers the Iñupiat Perspective on the Whale Hunt.

Roy Ahmaogak lives in Barrow, Alaska and during the whaling season hunts bow head whales for food. His father, grandfather and great-grandfather were also whalers. Ahmaogak was the person who spotted the three gray whales trapped in the ice in Barrow that drew such media attention. A recent book by Tom Rose about the trapped whales has drawn criticism from residents of Barrow who feel they were misrepresented by Rose. We talk to Ahmaogak about whaling and native life in Barrow.

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