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The Strategies that Won the Gulf War

We check back with James Adams, the defense correspondent for The Sunday Times of London. He's been covering the war from the Pentagon, and talks about the strategies that clinched victory for American forces.


A Civilian in Baghdad; The Logistics of Ending the War

Terry features two guests in this segment.

First, Amitav Ghosh is an Indian writer and anthropologist. Terry talks to him about an essay he wrote in the January issue of the literary magazine Granta called "An Egyptian in Baghdad." One of his friends went to work in Iraq several years ago; that friend was still in Baghdad when the war started. Ghosh felt that much of the press about the war was depersonalized, and wanted to write about the life of one person caught up in the conflict.


The Gulf War on the Brink of Change

In the next day, there may be a cease-fire in Iraq, or a ground war could begin. James Adams, the defense correspondent for The Sunday Times of London, talks about the mood at the Pentagon in light of proposed negotiations.


Planning the Next Phase of the Gulf War

First, reporter Pat Ford talks with retired Admiral Eugene Carroll, of the Center for Defense Information. They examine latest developments in the Gulf War. He'll speculate on what was discussed at this weekend's meeting between Secretary of Defense Dick Chaney, Chief of Staff Colin Powell, and commanding general Norman Schwarzkopf.

Then, Terry talks with the Science Advisor to King Hussain of Jordan, Doctor Abdullah Toucan. They'll discuss the environmental consequences of the Gulf War in light of Saddam Hussein's threat to destroy oil fields.


The End Goal of War in Iraq

Dan Pipes, the Director of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, talks about what should happen after a potential war in Iraq, including who'll take power, and the diplomatic mistakes we should avoid. While he wouldn't oppose the killing of Saddam Hussein, Pipes doesn't believe targeting the dictator should be a goal of the mission.


A Potential Strategy for an Inevitable War

Defense Correspondent for The Sunday Times of London James Adams gives his scenario for a war in the Gulf. Among other points, he says the war will be brief, and that Iraqis troops will be totally unprepared for the opening air assault.


A Retired Admiral's Pessimistic Projections of American Casualties

Retired Admiral Gene LaRocque, founder of the Center for Defense Information, gives his scenario for war in the Gulf, which is more pessimistic than those of the Bush administration and the House Armed Services Committee. The Center for Defense Information is an independent monitor of the military and is made up of retired military officers as well as civilians with training and experience in military analysis.

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