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Two War Photographers On Their Injuries, Ethics.

Combat photographer Joao Silva is at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where he's recovering after losing his legs in an explosion in October. Greg Marinovich is a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer who was shot four times while covering conflicts. Silva and Marinovich talk about life as war photographers with Fresh Air's Terry Gross.


Ashley Gilbertson, Shooting Passionately in Iraq

Award-winning photographer Ashley Gilbertson has spent much of the past five years in Iraq, taking incredible photographs for The New York Times and other publications. Born in 1978, Gilbertson has captured some of the world's most dangerous places on camera. A book of his work, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: A Photographer's Chronicle of the Iraq War, will be published this fall.


War Photographer Christopher Morris

His work is part of the new Time Magazine book, 21 Days to Baghdad: The Inside Story of How America Won the War Against Iraq. Morris is a contract photographer for Time, and has documented more than 18 foreign conflicts. He has documented drug-related violence in Colombia, guerilla fighting in Afghanistan, and the Persian Gulf war. Morris has won many photojournalism awards during his career.


Twins and Photojournalists David and Peter Turnley.

Photojournalists and identical twins David and Peter Turnley. Between them they have photographed every major news event in the last 15 years. They work independently, but a joint display, ("In Times of War and Peace: The Photographs of David and Peter Turnley") will be exhibited from June 7 - September 8 in New York City. Currently, both Turnleys are based in Paris. Peter works as a contract photographer for "Newsweek" and David is a staff photographer for the "Detroit Free Press."


A German Soldier Documents the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Today is the 50th Anniversary of the beginning of the uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto. Terry talks with Rafael Scharf. He's compiled a new book of photographs, "In The Warsaw Ghetto Summer 1940." The photographs were taken one summer day in 1941 by German soldier and have never been published before. Scharf was born in Poland, but left the country shortly before World War II. He is one of the founders of "The Jewish Quarterly," a London literary and political magazine. Many of his relatives were killed during the Holocaust.


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