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'The Ten-Year Nap': Stay-at-Home Mama Drama

In Meg Wolitzer's new novel, a group of smart, successful women choose full-time motherhood over promising professional careers — and come to terms with the effects of that decision a decade later.


The Cost of Corporate Layoffs

New York Times business writer Louis Uchitelle argues for corporations to move towards preserving jobs. His new book, The Disposable American, is also a history of the rise of layoffs in the United States.


Michael Moore Discusses His Surprise Documentary Film Hit.

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore. In his first-ever film, "Roger & Me," Moore returns to his home town of Flint, Michigan to document what happened when General Motors laid of 35,000 workers there. And he begins a Quixote-like quest to meet with GM Chairman Roger Smith, following him to Detroit, and New York.


Malcolm Forbes on Being "The Capitalist's Tool."

Malcolm Forbes is the owner, chairman, and editor-in-chief of Forbes Magazine, whose slogan is "Forbes: The Capitalist's Tool." The company was founded by Forbes's father, and Forbes joined the staff in 1947, and was promoted after his father's death in 1954. The firm remains a family business--two of Forbes's sons work for the magazine. Forbes is also known for his wealth and extravagant hobbies such as hot-air ballooning (he was the first to travel coast-to-coast in one), motorcycling, and collecting art and toy soldiers.

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