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Tribute to Bill Evans.

Bill Evans, jazz pianist, died yesterday at the age of 51. Contributor and jazz critic Francis Davis, host of Fresh Air's "interval," a segment on out-of-print jazz, joins the show to pay tribute to Evans.


Tribute to Peter Tosh.

Guest commentator Randall Grass pays tribute to reggae superstar Peter Tosh, who was killed in a robbery last weekend in Jamaica.


Remembrance for Writer James Baldwin.

A rebroadcast of a 1986 interview Terry Gross recorded with writer and social critic James Baldwin, who died yesterday in France. Baldwin's books include Go Tell it on the Mountain, The Fire Next Time and Notes of a Native Son. Baldwin was one of the first major writers to address the civil rights issue. After the civil rights movement crested, Baldwin moved to France, where he felt more tolerance for his open homosexuality and outspoken nature.


Tribute to Jascha Heifetz.

Classical Music Critic Lloyd Schwartz reviews the career of violinist Jascha Heifetz, who died last Friday. He was, by acclamation, the greatest violinist of this century.


Benny Carter Helped Develop the Language of Swing.

Jazz Critic Kevin Whitehead pays tribute to Benny Carter, the elder statesman of the alto saxophone. He reviews the new American Jazz Orchestra recording of Carter compositions, featuring Carter, pianist John Lewis and bassist Ron Carter, among others.

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