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Alex Chilton: Remembering A 'Star'-Crossed Singer

Musician Alex Chilton died yesterday. He was the lead singer of the Memphis band Big Star. To remember the underground legend, Ed Ward reviews Keep an Eye on the Sky, a four-disc collection of recordings, demos and outtakes.


Nellie McKay's 'Blueberry Pie,' A Tribute to Doris Day

McKay's Normal as Blueberry Pie is "eccentric yet utterly disarming," says rock critic Ken Tucker. McKay's admiration for Doris Day isn't really a surprise — both artists are cheerful and underrated — and on this album the two seem like "sisters in bright-eyed intelligence."


A Tribute to Fats Waller

Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead pays tribute to Fats Waller on the centennial of his birth, and reviews Fats Waller: The Centennial Collection, a CD and DVD.


Classical Music Critic Lloyd Schwartz

Classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz reviews Teresa Sterne: A Portrait (Nonesuch) a tribute album to Teresa Sterne, a musical prodigy who took over Nonesuch Records in the early 60s and turned it into the respected label it is today. Sterne died last December of Lou Gehrigs disease.


World Music Critic Milo Miles

Miles remembers Czech musician Milan Hlavsa leader of the band The Plastic People of the Universe. He died on Jan 5th from cancer.


An Original, Constantly Surprising Artist.

Rock Critic Ken Tucker reviews two new collections of singer Ted Hawkins who died three years ago at the age of 59. "The Ted Hawkins Story: Suffer No More" Rhino Records and "Ted Hawkins: The Final Tour" Evidence Records.


Appreciating Ennio Morricone.

Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead reviews a new box-set of film music by Italian composer Ennio Morricone, "A Fistful of Film Music" (Rhino).


Tribute to Singer Jan DeGaetani.

Classical music critic Lloyd Schwartz pays tribute to the late mezzo-soprano Jan DeGaetani (DEE-guy-tahny). DeGaetani died last September; Lloyd reviews her last album, just released by Bridge records. It contains works by Berlioz and Mahler.

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