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Remembering Saul Chaplin.

Composer Saul Chaplin passed away Saturday at the age of 85. We pay tribute to Chaplin by playing a recording of a 1972 interview with Sammy Cahn at New York's 92nd St. Y. Cahn collaborated with Chaplin on many of his most known works.


Remembering Fela.

Nigerian singer Fela was considered one of the most popular and innovative musicians in Africa. He died last Saturday of complications from AIDS at the age of 58. Fela was a songwriter and bandleader who played the sax and keyboards. Music critic Milo Miles remembers the life and work of a performer who made every album and every show a celebration of ordinary people and an attack on authority


Tribute to Frank Zappa.

We pay tribute to Frank Zappa who died over the weekend with an excerpt of Terry's 1989 interview with him. (Rebroadcast of 1/17/1989)


The Loss of Two Linguists.

Linguist Geoffrey Nunberg looks at the contributions made by two men of language: former Senator S.I. Hayakawa, an English professor and former president of San Francisco State University; and Professor Dwight Bolinger, who he calls "one of the most distinguished semanticists of the age." Both men died last week.

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