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Thelonious Monk

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Steve Lacy's Monk Quartet, Solo Sax Albums Reissues

Fresh Air jazz critic Kevin Whitehead reviews two reissues featuring the late soprano saxophonist Steve Lacy — a live recording of a 1963 quartet that only played Thelonious Monk tunes, and later music for solo soprano. Monk was always Lacy's biggest influence.


Hearing New Music from Monk and Coltrane

Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead reviews Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall. It's a long-forgotten recording of a 1957 benefit concert, which has never been released until now.


Two Monk Tributes Worth Your Money.

Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead reviews "Fred Hersch Plays Monk: Thelonious" (Nonesuch) and "Monk's World" by Italian pianist Umberto Petrin (on the Splasc label).


How Carmen McRae and Other Jazz Artists "Handle" Monk.

Jazz Critic Kevin Whitehead reviews a new CD featuring Carmen McRae. It's "Carmen Sings Monk" on the BMG/RCA label. The recording is a first: no other performer has been permitted to record the lyrics to Monks' songs. McRae got special permission from the Monk family. The CD also features the late saxophonist Carlie Rouse.


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