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Kinky Friedman Treads the Line Between Satire and Bigotry.

Country musician Kinky Friedman is know by some as "Texas Jew Boy." His songs, including "They Ain't Makin' Jews Like Jesus Anymore" and "Ride 'Em Jew Boy," often have anti-semitic, racist, and sexist lyrics. While some take the lyrics seriously, others appreciate the satire. He joins the show to discuss his work.


In Praise of Regionalism

Joe "King" Carrasco is a singer and guitar player who plays contemporary Tex-Mex music. Carrasco is of German descent, but celebrates the rise and innovations of Latino culture.


Texan Psychedelic Rock.

Rock historian Ed Ward profiles Roky Erickson and the Thirteenth Floor Elevators, a sixties group that put Texas on par with the psychedelic bands from California.


What Went Wrong with Savings and Loans

Journalist James O'Shea is former chief economic correspondent for The Chicago Tribune. His book, "The Daisy Chain," is a case history of what went wrong with the Savings and Loans in this country. It looks at an S&L in Vernon, Texas owned by Don Dixon who was recently sentenced for defrauding regulators, illegally spending depositors' money, and other misdeeds.


"The Last Picture Show" Now Out on Home Video

Film critic Owen Gleiberman reviews the recent video release of "The Last Picture Show," which was first released at the beginning of a new renaissance in American filmmaking. He describes it as Peyton Place directed by Ingmar Bergman.


Journalist Molly Ivins.

Journalist Molly Ivins from Austin, Texas. She calls herself a "dripping fangs liberal," and believes that by being objective journalists take all the color out of human affairs. She says, "politics ought to be covered the way sports is, as a celebration of heroes and villians." She's taken on Ron and Nancy Reagan, George Bush, and the "bubbas" in the Texas Legislature.


"Bad Girl" Texas Songwriter Jo Carol Pierce

Pierce won the "Songwriter of the Year" award at the 1993 Austin Music Awards. A tribute album of her songs performed by other singers, "Across the Great Divide," won the Album of the Year Award. She's originally from Lubbock, Texas, and little known outside the state. Her songs are quirky, and spiritual. Pierce also wrote and performed the one-woman show, ""Bad Girls Upset About the Truth," told in story and song about her problems with men and Jesus.


Country Yodeler Don Walser

Walser has been called "the best pure cowboy singer in the state" ("Houston Chronicle"). At age 60, he retired from his job as a Texas state internal auditor to concentrate on his music. He just released an album called "Rolling Stone From Texas." He joins Fresh Air with his guitar to sing a few songs.


Country Yodeler Don Walser

At age 60, Walser has retired from his job as a Texas state internal auditor to concentrate on his music, and has just released an album, "Rolling Stone From Texas" (Watermelon Records). He is "a middle-aged man with a potbelly and glasses" (Houston Chronicle) whose "yodeling is better than sex." (Playboy) (REBROADCAST FROM 12/13/94)


Country Yodeler Don Walser

Walser has released the new album "Down At The Sky-Vue Drive-In" on Sire Records. He didn't pursue a career in music until he was in his 60s as a retiree. He has developed a "punk" like following attracting fans of all different ages. This originally aired. 12/13/94.

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