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Fresh Air Remembers Mike Wallace Of '60 Minutes.'

The CBS News correspondent who became famous for his two-fisted interview style and hard-hitting interviews with politicians, celebrities and newsmakers died Saturday. He was 93. Fresh Air remembers Wallace with excerpts from a 2005 interview.


Fresh Air Remembers Newsman Edwin Newman

We listen back to excerpts from a 1988 interview with the NBC broadcaster, whose fascination with linguistic excess led to a series of books about the English language. During his long career Newman covered President Kennedy's assassination and the Six-Day War. He died on Aug. 13 at age 91.


Journalist Jim Lehrer Looks Back on His Life

Lehrer is the cohost of "The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour." He has a new autobiography, "A Bus of My Own." He talks to Terry about how he found time to write the book despite his grueling schedule.


A "Wordstruck" Journalist's New Memoir

Robert MacNeil hosts the Newshour program with Jim Lehrer. His latest book is about how his childhood experiences led him to a career in the news, and the importance of language and diction in his professional life.


A High School Journalist's Move from Print to Television

Television critic David Bianculli reviews the new show TV 101, about a student who covers his high school's news on closed-circuit television. Bianculli says the premise and cast are excellent; he only hopes that the show can eventually live up to its potential.

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